Organic vs. Conventional: The Weigh-In

Brooke Boening, Staff Writer
March 1, 2013

Organic vs. Conventional: The Weigh-In By Brooke Boening   For the past decade, attentive consumers have forked over premium sums for food that has been touted as eco-friendly, highly nutritious, and pesticide-free. As writers, bloggers, health gurus, corporations, and entrepreneurs latched on to... Read more »

Conscious Eating for a Better World

Brooke Boening, Staff Writer
February 2, 2013

Conscious Eating for a Better World By: Brooke Boening Are you serious about preserving the integrity of the earth’s waterways, rainforests, land, and air for generations to come?  Perhaps you take special precautions to recycle, carpool when possible, adjust the thermostat, purchase “green” cleaning... Read more »

Do You Want To Be Greener? Get Organized!

Nettie Owens
May 16, 2012

Going green and getting organized go hand in hand.  There was a time that I believed efforts to be more environmentally conscious should be postponed until a person was more organized.  However, this led to waiting until ‘just the right moment’ to start and often that time never came.  But going... Read more »

Contemplating The Use of Skylights in Your Home

april skylight

Sarsfield Williams
April 8, 2012

When it comes to home designs, style and functionality should always be achieved. It will be better if you can hit two birds with one stone by finding a home design that is unique and at the same time serves a number of purposes. With the rising cost of electricity, it is practical for a homeowner to... Read more »

Annual Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Washington, D.C.

Ric Guy, Staff Photographer
March 21, 2012

100 Years of Annual Beauty As a photographer that specializes in landscape and scenic photography, I have been lucky to see some amazing and beautiful things this country of ours has to offer. From a sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean as it first breaks the horizon like an orange/red ball, to the beginning... Read more »

The Disappearance of the Honey Bee

Leslie Orndoff
December 7, 2011

Bees have long held a place of reverence and importance among many societies both ancient and modern.  Ancient Egyptians believed bees were born when the sun god, Ra, shed tears.  In the Ancient Near East and throughout the Aegean world, bees were thought to be the bridge from the living world to the... Read more »

Organic foods are healthy, tasty and planet-friendly!

Lindsay Stroh
November 7, 2011

A mother in Connecticut became concerned when she learned that the food her family was eating contained potentially harmful residue from pesticides.  She gathered with other mothers to discuss ways to change their shopping habits and eliminate their children’s exposure to substances that could... Read more »

Starting a Green Movement in Your Community

Lindsay Stroh
October 6, 2011

On a wild green space along a quiet little road near my home, a developer is planning to construct a seven-story building with 400 parking spaces!  The wildlife will lose their habitat, and we’ll be contending with traffic congestion, noise and air pollution.  My neighbors and I are speaking up at... Read more »

Paths to Sustainable Living

Lindsay Stroh
September 6, 2011

By Lindsay Stroh Among all life’s varied creatures, human beings are the only ones with the power to significantly damage the life systems that support our shared existence.  Toxic chemicals in toys, plastics, household cleaners, pesticides, cosmetics are not only detrimental to human health—they... Read more »