College Bound: Top School Options For Minorities

Courtesy of Marie Claire
August 19, 2013

While many Historically Black College & Universities (HBCUs) are struggling to stay open and increase enrollment, many other institutions of higher education have been working on diversifying their student populations. Diverse: Issues in Higher Education recently published a list of what it says... Read more »

Back to School Prep for Parent Volunteers

Education August 2013 from WomanScopeNewsMagazine.Com

Vanessa Wamsley, Education Columnist
August 5, 2013

As summer vacation comes to a close, students are not alone in their back-to-school preparation. Parents are readying their committee phone trees and snack schedules (nut-free, please) in an effort to stay involved with their children’s education. But the world of school volunteers has morphed... Read more »

Fairness in Education: Helping Boys Catch Up to Girls by Vanessa Wamsley, Staff Writer

By Vanessa Wamsley
July 5, 2013

Girls have surpassed boys in the educational arena. Girls earn better grades, beginning in kindergarten. More girls who enter college finish college, and women hold a majority of college degrees in the United States. In fact, the educational gender gap favors women so heavily that educational research... Read more »

Traditional Colleges Offer Best Option for Online Degrees, By Vanessa Wamsley, Education Writer

By Vanessa Wamsley
June 8, 2013

While unemployment creeps back from the brink of catastrophe and the economy takes tentative steps toward recovery, the world of higher education, unfazed and even bolstered by the financial ups and downs of the last decade, welcomes ever-growing numbers of hopeful students into its fold. Educational... Read more »

Murky Future of Federal Education Funding Only Hurts Students (EDUCATION) By Vanessa Wamsley, Staff Writer

By Vanessa Wamsley
May 1, 2013

On March 1, President Obama put his signature on the sequestration cuts that loomed over Congress and the White House since the budget debates last August. Although Obama announced the need for more inclusive public preschool education and availability of post-secondary education through federal grants... Read more »

Our Children Need Safe Schools, Not Prisons

By Vanessa Wamsley, Staff Writer
April 13, 2013

  Every child deserves to feel safe at their school desk. Gun control may divide the nation, but educators, parents, and politicians place a high premium on the safety of our school children. Unfortunately, consensus on the best way to ensure safety in our schools eludes everyone involved; proposals... Read more »

Educational Regret Undone

Vanessa Wamsley, Staff Writer
March 1, 2013

Educational Regret Undone By Vanessa Wamsley My education disappoints me. I surprise even myself writing that line. But looking back at my post-high school choices, I feel I missed something, somewhere.  I missed opportunities. I let potential slip by. I rushed too much. I only understood what I wanted... Read more »

Failure: the secret to success?

December 12, 2012

Failure: the secret to success? By Heather McCubbin By now many of you have seen the “You Are Not Special” graduation speech given by Wellesley, MA Senior High English teacher David McCullough, Jr. (son of the historian and author David McCullough.) If you haven’t seen it, you can catch... Read more »

Mediation: Is It Working?

May 16, 2012

By: Heather McCubbin Those of us who are parents, teachers, or who interact with people every day, have taken part in the mediation process in some way.  Over the last few decades, schools have invested money and time into teaching our children how to mediate with each other and how to handle tough... Read more »

Public Law 111-29 or “The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act 2010″—What Does It Do?

Heather McCubbin
April 8, 2012

Before The New Lunch Law: Cheese Pizza, Canned Pineapple Tidbits, Tater Tots with Ketchup, Chocolate, Strawberry or White Milk. After The New Lunch Law: Flatbread Pizza or Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce, Carrots, Tossed Salad, Fresh Fruit, Chilled Apricots, Low Fat Chocolate or White Milk. This is just a sampling... Read more »

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